Historic Houses & Buildings

Ogdensburg is home to several buildings and residences that have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
They are:

*Parish Store of U.S. Customs House
127 North Water Street
Built in 1809-1810 as a store and warehouse for industrialist David Parish. This building survived the War of 1812, served as a barracks for Union Troops during the Civil War, and was remodeled into a U.S. Customs House in 1936. It was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

*Library Park Historic District
303-323 Washington St. and 100-112 Caroline Street, Library Park.
This area joined the Register in 1982. It offers an attractive, intact collection of 19th Century buildings. The Ogdensburg Public Library has been remodeled into a Greek Revival style architecture. You can also see a large Tudor style home on Washington Street, across from the library. The largest Caroline Street home is notable for its combination of Potsdam sandstone, clapboard, and shingles, as well as some Queen Anne style architectural features.

*Office Building
315 State Street
This Greek Revival style structure was built with locally quarried white marble. In 1983, it was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

*Former U.S. Post Office
431 State Street
Listed to the National Register in 1977, this large and distinctive building was constructed with sandstone and blue cut limestone. It is an important example of 19th Century civic architecture. Under construction from 1867 to 1870, it has housed postal, customs, and court facilities.

*Judge John Fine House
422 State Street
This two-story, three-bay Green Revival style home was added to the National Register in 1986.

*New York Armory
100 Lafayette Street
This old arsenal appropriately looks like a fortress. Built in 1858, it is a good example of Gothic Revival civic architecture. It was listed on the National Register in 1976.

*Oswegatchie Pump House
Mechanic Street
Built in 1868, this two-story, fortress-like building was constructed of limestone quarried on the site. It is a rare surviving example of late Victorian civic works in Northern New York State. It joined the National Register listing in 1990.

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